Vegie Seedling FundraiserThe Kuranda Neighbourhood Centre has to raise additional funds to the government funds provided to cover all the costs of running the centre and deliver all the necessary programs and functions of a community based service. Therefore some of the activities of the centre are designed to produce an income stream. An example is the  Veggie Seedling Trial (see picture). We were fortunate enough to have a nursery business owner known to the Centre be in a position to donate seedlings not taken by a large chain they supply to. The multi-benefit is that we generated some additional income to the Centre, it brought another and new demographic into the Centre and it supported the community to grow sustainable and healthy food options in an affordable way.


Funds are raised also through room/venue hire to other services/departments/businesses with a schedule of rates dependent on the financial position and capacity of the user.

 The other services such as Internet use, photocopying, laminating, binding have a fee, however it probably covers the base cost alone – these services are more about providing an affordable option for locals.

Lastly, donations are made to the Centre on occasion. These are very welcome and we are hoping that upcoming changes to the tax laws for donations to Neighbourhood and Community Centres allows us to explore philanthropic and other donation sources locally and globally.