Individual support

Basic assistance with forms.
If you are having difficulty reading, writing, comprehending or filling out forms we can assist you.

Info, advice and referrals to useful services
Our staff can get you in contact with the right person or organisation to help.

If you have difficulty dealing over the phone with government agencies, banks, phone or electricity companies, we can help.

Department of Communities, Housing & Homelessness Services forms 

We can help clients with filling out housing assistance forms and bond loans, as well as photocopying Identification scanning and emailing the completed forms.

Office appliances
The friendly staff and volunteers at KNC can help clients with phone calls, photocopying and basic word processing.

Whatever your individual situation or need, we will try to assist.

Qualified Counsellor
A Qualified counsellor is available upon appointment. Referrals are necessary from Kuranda Medical Centre for bulk billing.