Confidentiality Statement

Privacy And Confidentiality Statement For Clients Kuranda Neighbourhood Centre is committed to the principles outlined in the Privacy Act (Amendment 2001) and has in place procedures that ensure compliance with the legislation. To protect your privacy: • Your files are kept in a secure place • All information relating to clients and service users is confidential and will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation without your permission • Permission to share information will be sought only when sharing is necessary to ensure appropriate services are delivered • Only information that is necessary to ensure the delivery of effective services is collected • The provision of information to people outside the service will only be authorised by the Manager • Staff receive ongoing training that they are not to discuss clients outside of the service • Assessments and reviews of clients are always conducted in private with the appropriate staff member and you may choose to have an advocate or support person with you at this time.  


Client Privacy and Confidentiality Notice